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New Ware 1/48 Early SOYUZ (7K-OK) resin spacecraft - NW009

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NW009 1/48 Early SOYUZ (7K-OK) - Construction kit of Soyuz spacecraft in 1/48 scale. Kit is allowing to build model of "male" early Soyuz (Soyuz 1,3,4) Kit is also including "docking ring" allowing to build model of Soyuz 4 - Soyuz 5 "first experimental space station". 84 parts (40 resin + 44 PE) + 20 decals

Sven Knudson's review "The resin kit parts are solid, with crisp details, some minor flash on some parts, but no major airholes in any parts. All small resin parts are still on their pour plugs, but the main spacecraft modules have had their pour plugs removed (although a couple of the parts need some mold line cleanup). The main spacecraft parts have wonderful insulation blanket detail molded in place. The solar panels are built up from the photoetched parts and included decals. Various antennae and other details are also represented by photoetched parts. The multi-page instruction sheet breaks assembly down into the main modules with each part called out on exploded drawings. English language text details give further instructions for each step. Each assembly step also includes painting instructions. The kit also includes an adapter ring so that you can combine two kits to represent the Soyuz 4 and 5 link-up"


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