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New Ware 1/32 Apollo Exterior Detail Set for Revell - NW070

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 New Ware 1/32 Apollo Exterior Detail Set for Revell - NW070

This set is intended to use together with any release of Monogram's (now Revell's) 1/32 Apollo Spacecraft kit.Set includes 108 parts (35 resin + 73 PE) + photo CD.

Photos and review by Sven Knudson: "This set is intended to upgrade the Revell/Monogram 1/32 scale Apollo CSM kit into a much more accurate model of the Apollo moonship. The resin parts are beuatifully molded, with crisp details, a smooth surface finish and with a few minor airholes. The parts are still attached to their pour plugs, with a convenient number molded next to each part for easy identification. The resin parts include an EVA ring for the CM, radiator panels, the umbilical cover, hatch window cover, and High Gain Antenna parts. The photoetched parts include parts for SM skin details, EVA handles, RCS housings, hatch details, thruster details, and the High Gain Antenna meshes (which need to be formed into a parabolic shape). Like the resin parts, each photoetched part has a number etched next to it for easy identification. Detailed instructions with wraparound views and detailed insets show where each part is to be used and how to modify the kit parts to depict the particular mission being modeled. Also included in the kit is a CD ROM containing 10 photos of the CSM in space and on the ground, providing valuable reference material when building your model"


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