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New Ware 1/144 NW127 Saturn V - Apollo detail set for Airfix

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1/144 New Ware resin NW127 Saturn V - Apollo detail set for Airfix

152 parts (55 resin + 97 PE) + photo CD. A lot of spare parts, both resin and PE, especially when the part is small or delicate.

Masks & decals available for this kit under stk# NWS127 and NWD007

Manufacturer's description:

For owners of old 09170 Airfix kit with incorrect Apollo (wrong diameter and Block I surface of Service Module) I can recommend this: Buy Airfix A11150 Saturn V Skylab and you will get not only the Skylab LV kit, but also parts needed to update your 09170 kit to the level of correct A11170 kit

For experienced modeller's only.

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