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New Ware 1/144 New Ware MIR Upgrade for Revell - NW004

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NW004 - 1/144 New Ware MIR Upgrade for Revell

Manufacturer's instructions: PE set for the Revell 1/144 Mir kit. Includes solar arrays, EVA handles and others for Mir Space Station, EVA handles for Space Shuttle Cargo Bay and Habitat module. Also includes decal "MIR". 196 PE parts. Use together with: 1/144 Armageddon Russian Space Center (Revell 85-3628) or Mir Space Station (Revell 85-1179) 1/144 Discovery Space Shuttle (Revell 4544) or other 1/144 Space Shuttle from Revell - not necessary

Sven Knudson's review "The kit parts are all photo-etched brass which are intended to supplement the Revell 1/144 scale Mir Space Station or Armageddon Russian Space Center kits, along with providing parts for the Revell 1/144 scale Space Shuttle kit. The etched detail on the parts is first-rate. The parts are numbered directly on the photoetched sheets and are referenced by those numbers in the instructions. Parts are included for all the handrails, solar panels, girders, the Priroda radar antenna, and the like. The instructions consist of several pages detailing how to fold the parts, how to modify the existing Revell parts to use the photoetched parts, and painting suggestions. A bit of decal (easy to miss) spelling the 'Mir' core module name is also included in the set"

Pictures on this listings are from this review


Contents (total is 196 parts):

* all MIR's solar arrays
* all MIR's EVA handles
* Space Shuttle cargo bay EVA handles (parts 70 - 82)
* Habitat module EVA handles (parts 91, 92)
* Decal "MIR"

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