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Millenium MiGs 1/32 Linden Hill decal for MiG-21s two seaters #32004b

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LHD32004B - Millenium MiGs (MiG-21UM) - Upgraded and Late Service MiG-21s - Part 2: Two-Seaters - 1/32 scale

manufacturer's description: "For an aircraft distinguished not only by its Cold War service but also its sheer worldwide ubiquity, the MiG-21is another Russian aircraft to have suffered the neglect of major decal manufacturers for years. Our sheet concentrates on the later two-seater 'sparka' variants of the MiG-21 and features the MiG-21 UM and the upgraded Romanian Lancer B. Designed for the Trumpeter MiG-21UM kit.

Our sheet also includes a full page of text instructions offering historical background and accurate coloring guides for the subject aircraft. Our research was conducted for the most part in the former USSR and eastern Europe and conflicts with the assertions made by other western decal manufacturers"

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