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LVM Studios Angara-A5-1LM Rocket Resin kit 1/144 scale - #16031

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LVM Studios Angara-A5-1LM Rocket Resin kit 1/144 scale - #16031 - Assembly and painting required, intended for experienced modellers.

The Angara-A5-1LM ,where 1LM stands for “1st flight machine”, was launched on december 23rd 2014. During its first test launch, Angara-A5 demonstrated its ability to deliver cargo into geostationary orbit 36,000 kilometers above the Equator, the destination for most communications satellites. However, the maiden mission only carried a payload simulator, rather than an operational spacecraft. The Angara A5 rocket is build up as follows 4 URM-1 booster as first stage wrapped around 1 URM-1 as central core which unctions as second stage. On top of the second stage a URM-2 as third stage and a Briz-M as fourth stage. On the Briz-M is the payload with fairing. Angara-5 became Russia’s most powerful space booster and will eventually replace the nation’s workhorse Proton rocket.

Kit features:

Resin parts: 50 (incl. base)

Decals: 1 sheet

Scale: 1/144

Dimensions: about 35 cm high - Skill level: 2 (Intermediate)  -  Article code: 16031



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