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IC-48032 - IsraCast 1/48 resin RAFAEL 'Python 3' AA Missiles for F-15 'BAZ'

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1/48 IsraCast RAFAEL 'Python 3' AA Missiles for F-15 'BAZ' (contains 2 missiles)

This multi-media set includes resin and photo etch parts as well as a decal sheet for missile markings.  The parts contain crisp and beautifully cast details matching the real missile.  This is a simple set consisting of the following parts for each of the two missiles in this set:

•2 resin pieces for the launch rails,

•a missile body

•4 resin fins for rear of each missile

•4 photo etch fins for front of each missile

•decal sheet with stripes and numbers for the missiles

Click here to see  ( Product Article by Steve Bamford on Feb 17 2011


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