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Hobby Decal 1/48 Me-262 Stencils (Dry-Transfers) - ST48007v1

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Hobby Decal 1/48 Me-262 Stencils (Dry-Transfers) - ST48007v1

Click here ( for full review by Steve Bamford at ARC;

"Regular decals are ink printed on a clear carrier film....which is fine, but they are not as accurate in look and application as dry transfers.  

Dry transfers are reverse printed on a  temporary clear film.  When you apply the stencils you lay the back of the stencils on the painted surface of the model and then burnish (rub) them down through the clear temporary carrier film.  The dry transfer sticks to the model and dis-engages from the clear carrier film.  The beauty of dry transfers is on models with bare metal finishes.  On bare metal finishes you do not have any clear carrier film as you would have with regular decals".

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