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Hobby Decal 1/32 ROKAF KF-16 Dry Transfer Stencils V1 #ST32027V1

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Hobby Decal 1/32 ROKAF KF-16 Dry Transfer Stencils V1 #ST32027V1 

Click here to see review by Steve Bamford at ARC

...Dry transfers are reverse printed on a temporary clear film.  When you apply the stencils you lay the back of the stencils on the painted surface of the model and then burnish (rub) them down through the clear temporary carrier film.  The dry transfer adheres to the model's surface and disengages from the clear carrier film.  The beauty of dry transfers is particularly apparent on models with bare metal finishes.  The clear carrier film normally associated with waterslide decals simply isn't there, and all that you're left with is the marking itself.  It also eliminates silvering, and no setting solutions are required in most cases.  If the markings need a little help settiling into deep recesses, Hobbydecal recommends burnishing the transferred marking down with a moist Q-Tip.

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