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HGW 1/35 scale Stencils - Wet Transfers - US White Stars - 235003

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HGW 1/35 Stencils - Wet Transfers - US White Stars - 235003

Stencils US White Stars in 1/35 scale. Wet transfer technology means that decal doesn't leave any signs of varnish or typical film after its application, so only text or symbols stay attached to the surface. Suitable for all kits in this scale.

The HGW Wet Transfer technology has been tested on Gunze brand paints and preparations.
Carry out a test (not on the model), if you are applying to paint made by a different manufacturer.
We recommend to spray the surface with a glossy varnish in order to achieve a perfect result.
No matter whether you are applying the transfer onto paint or varnish, it is advisable to go over the surface using sandpaper of a grade from 6000 to 8000.
Naturally, it is also essential to ensure that the base is clean, grease-free and clear of dust.

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