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Games Workshop #92-19 Sylvaneth, Druanti the Arch-Revenant - 1 Citadel Miniature

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Arch-Revenants soar high over the battlefield, borne upon the wings of a zephyrspite. Swooping down to strike where the foe is most vulnerable, their regal presence inspires nearby Sylvaneth, filling them with courage and warlike aggression.

Arch-Revenants are brilliant front-line commanders for your Sylvaneth force. Mobile and pretty nifty in melee, these bringers of Alarielle’s vengeance are great for flitting up and down your front line while picking off particularly dangerous enemies and making your Kurnoth Hunters fight even harder.

This kit is supplied in 18 plastic components and comes with a 40mm round base. 

Sylvaneth, Druanti the Arch-Revenant (92-19)  

  • Multi-part plastic kit for Sylvaneth armies
  • Available individually for the first time
  • Previously only available as an exclusive miniature as part of the Looncurse Battlebox

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