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Furball Aero-Design 1/48 decals Screamin' Demons F3H-2 Hobbyboss FDS-4807

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Furball Aero-Design 1/48 decals “Screamn’ Demons Part II” includes options for seven F3H-2 Demons. This set is designed for use with the 1/48 Hobbyboss  kit, and enough stenciling & data is provided for the modeler to build two complete models.  Here’s a rundown of the aircraft

VF-112, F3H-2M 137056, NAS MIRAMAR, 1957
VF-122, F3H-2 137001, USS TICONDEROGA, 1957
VF-124, F3H-2N 133610, NAS MIRAMAR, 1956
VF-131,  F3H-2 143487USS CONSTELLATION, 1962
VF-151, F-3B 146735, USS CORAL SEA, 1962
VF-161, F3H-2 143428, USS ORISKANY, 1962

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