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EagleCals #149-32 1/32 decal for the He 111 H

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Manufacturer's description:

He 111 H Decals in 1/32nd scale -The He 111 H was a newer version of the He 111 P and was widely produced. Similar in appearance to the earlier Heinkel, the H version made use of the Jumo engine. A change from the earlier Daimler Benz engines, this necessitated the re-location of the intake to the right side of the cowl and is the best way to differentiate between the two versions. Early He 111 H versions made use of narrow VDM propeller blades before later wide chord blades became the standard feature.

S7+ZA                         He 111 H                        Stab/StG 3 

1H+BP                          He 111 H-6                     6./KG 26

1H+GP                          He 111 H-6                     6./KG 26                  

1G+ER                          He 111 H-6                7./KG 27  

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