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Eaglecals 1/32 143-32 decal Ju 87 B-2 Stukas by Eagle Editions

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Eaglecals 1/32 #EC143-32 decal Ju 87 B-2 Stukas by Eagle Editions


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Description from Hyperscale:



Ju 87 B-2 ‘T6+AN’ of 5./St.G 2, based in Libya, September 1941.  This is one of the striking St.G 2 ‘snake’ Stukas that have been popular with kit and decal manufacturers for decades.  

* Ju 87 B (or possibly Ju 87 R) ‘Yellow G’, unit unknown, Eastern front, Winter 1941-42.  This enigmatic Stuka was also finished in a standard 70/71/65 scheme, oversprayed with a scrappy application of winter whitewash and with what appears to be a shark mouth roughly painted on its cowling and radiator.

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