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EagleParts 1/32 BF109G Corrected Spinner - EP#20-32

EagleParts 1/32 BF109G Corrected Spinner - EP#20-32

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Manufacturer's Description:

Included in this kit: spinner and drill jig An important inaccuracy in the Bf 109 kits is the proper shape of the spinner, it is too bulbous and the blast tube is too small. EP#20 corrects the shape, has an enlarged blast tube, plus improves the panel line on the forward portion giving a corrected outline with a slight indentation on the rear portion. Prominent rivets are added, the opening for the propeller blades has the proper teardrop shape, the portion where spinner fits over blast tube has been correctly flared, plus a 3-dimensional data plate area has been added for the spinner and base plate decals as provided on EagleCals.

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