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Caracal Models 1/72 ANG F-15C/D Eagle decal for Hasegawa - CD72013

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CD72013 - 1/72 Caracal models decal for ANG F-15C/D Eagle by Hasegawa - CD72013

Manufacturer's description: 

11 (eleven) upgraded Air National Guard Eagles from four different units(7 single-seat F-15C and 4 twin-seat F-15D).
 The options on the decal sheet are:

•F-15C 80-0010, 120FW, Montana ANG
•F-15C 80-0048, 120FW, Montana ANG (commander's aircraft)
•F-15D 81-0062, 120FW, Montana ANG
•F-15C 84-0005, 142FW, Oregon ANG
•F-15C 84-0031, 142FW, Oregon ANG (commander's aircraft)
•F-15D 85-0130, 142FW, Oregon ANG
•F-15C 78-0547, 173FW, Oregon ANG (commander's aircraft)
•F-15C 79-0076, 173FW, Oregon ANG
•F-15D 82-0046, 173FW, Oregon ANG
•F-15C 85-0118, 104FW, Massachusetts ANG
•F-15D 85-0133, 104FW, Massachusetts ANG

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