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Caracal Models 1/48 F-35A/B Joint Strike Fighter decal for Kitty Hawk CD48049

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Caracal Models 1/48 Scale F-35A/B Joint Strike Fighter Decal for Kitty Hawk CD48049

The F-35 represents the future in military aviation in the US and many allied countries. This first sheet for the F-35 features markings for several F-35A/B that are flying in service or test duties. This sheet was designed for the Kitty Hawk kits in 1/48 scale.

The options on this decal sheet are:

* F-35B BuNo 168059, VMFAT-501, US Marine Corps
* F-35B BuNo 168718, VMFA-121, US Marine Corps
* F-35B BF-05, VX-23 Strike Test, US Navy
* F-35B ZM137, Royal Air Force
* F-35A 08-0746, 58th FS, USAF
* F-35A 10-5009, USAF

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