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Caracal 1/48 decals US Navy T-45 Goshawk Pt 2 Kinetic CD48024

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Caracal Models 1/48 Scale Decals US Navy T-45 Goshawk Pt 2 Kinetic CD48024

CD48024 - 1/48 Caracal Models decals for US Navy T-45C Pt.II - Designed for Kinetic T-45 kit

This decal sheet provides two different marking options for the new Kinetic 1/48 T-45 kit.

The options on the decal sheet are: T-45C BuNo. 165629, VT-7 "Eagles":The commander's aircraft for VT-7 Eagles. T-45C BuNo. 165485, TW-1:In addition to wearing TW-1 commander's markings, this Goshawk has a hidden surprise: it was decorated to read "Go Navy, Beat Army" before the 2007 Army-Navy game. We also provide slightly different markings for the Goshawk that became the TW-1 commander's mount after this particular airframe was retired. T-45C BuNo. 165609, TW-1:This TW-1 line aircraft was the 150th Goshawk procured by the Navy, and has a small special marking. A very good option if you just would like to build a standard "line" jet. T-45C BuNo. 165070, VT-86:This option provides markings for a CTW-6 aircraft based in Pensacola. Because not every Goshawk has to have the letter A or B on its tail!

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