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Caracal 1/48 decal USAF T-38C Talon Wolfpack Trumpeter CD48072

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Caracal Models 1/48 decal for the USAF T-38C Talon for Wolfpack kit - CD48072

This decal sheet provides current USAF trainer marking options for the upgraded T-38C Talon, which will remain the backbone of the USAF trainer fleet beyond the 2010s. These options include aircraft in both the "Shamu" trainer scheme and F-16 style IFF (Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals) scheme.

The thirteen options on this decal sheet are:

* T-38C 68-8118, 87th FTS "Red Bulls", Laughlin AFB, 2010
* T-38C 65-10422, 434th FTS "Red Devils", Laughlin AFB, 2010
* T-38C 70-1578, 88th FTS "Lucky Devils", Sheppard AFB, 2014
* T-38C 64-13295, 469th FTS "Fighting Bulls", Sheppard AFB, 2012
* T-38C 69-7079, 49th FTS "Black Knights", Moody AFB, 2006
* T-38C 70-1584, 435th FTS "Black Eagles", Randolph AFB, 2015
* T-38C 69-7083, 560th FTS "Chargin' Cheetahs", Randolph AFB, 2013
* T-38C 66-8398, 3rd FTS "Warbirds", Vance AFB, 2008
* T-38C 70-1582, 49th FTS "Black Knights", Columbus AFB, 2007
* T-38C 70-1551, 49th FTS "Black Knights", Columbus AFB, 2011
* T-38C 70-1576, 50th FTS "Strikin' Snakes", Columbus AFB, 2009
* T-38C 70-1952, 50th FTS "Strikin' Snakes", Columbus AFB, 2009
* T-38C 63-8162, 445th FLTS, Edwards AFB, 2014

All the options on this decal sheet are upgraded T-38C Talons, and can be built out of box using the Trumpeter or upcoming (summer 2015) Wolfpack kit.

This sheet was professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy


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