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Caracal 1/48 decal FB-111A DARK VARKS for Academy or HobbyBoss - CD48111

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Caracal Models 1/48 decal CD48111 - FB-111A "Dark Varks"
Designed to fit both Academy and Hobby Boss kits.

The options on this decal sheet are:

FB-111A 69-6509 "Max Effort / Spirit of the Seacoast", 509BW, USAF
FB-111A 69-6508 "Strange Cargo", 509BW, USAF
FB-111A 68-0287 "Liberator II", 509BW, USAF
FB-111A 68-0284 "Next Objective", 509BW, USAF
FB-111A 69-6513 "Top Secret", 509BW, USAF
FB-111A 68-0265 "Net Results", 380BW, USAF
FB-111A 67-0163 "Moonlight Maid", 380 BW, USAF
FB-111A 67-7192 "Slightly Dangerous", 380 BW, USAF
FB-111A 69-6507 "Madame Queen", 380 BW, USAF

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