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Caracal Models 1/32 decal MiG-29 for Revell Iran & more CD32002

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Caracal Models 1/32 Scale Decal MiG-29 for Revell Iran & more CD32002

Caracal 1/32 scale decal for Global Air Power Series #2: North Korean & Iranian MiG-29

Manufacturer's description: The North Korean MiG-29 featured on the sheet is "553". This sheet only became possible after good quality photos of the aircraft became public after the new North Korean leader Kim Jong-Eun's visit to the air base housing a MiG-29 unit during December 2011. The Korean inscription near the cockpit gives the dates that this particular aircraft was inspected by late North Korean leaders Kim Jong-Il and Kim-Il Sung. We believe these are the first and only accurate decals for an operational North Korean MiG-29. The Iranian examples are MiG-29 no. 3-6133 and Mig-29UB no.6305; both of which were photographed with a large eagle's head tail art during 2011. The decals are designed to fit the 1/32 Revell Mig-29 kit.

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