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Linden Hill 1/32 decal LHD32009 Brothers in Arms 1 Warsaw Pact MiG-23Ms & MFs

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LHD32009 - Scale Lindel Hill Decals Brothers in Arms 1: Warsaw Pact MiG23Ms & MFs - Options for the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Poland MiGs

Manufacturer's description: This set features a selection of MiG-23M and -23MF variants in service with a number of Warsaw Pact Air Forces between 1976 and 1990


MiG-23M (early) 'Yellow 49', 787th IAP, Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, Eberswalde-Finow AB, Brandenburg, GDR 1976

MiG-23M (late) 'Blue 02', 152nd IAP PVO, Ak-Tepe AB, Turkestan Military District, USSR 1978

MiG-23M (late) 'Blue 92', 5th 'Berlinski' GvIAP, Group of Soviet Forces South, Sarmellek-Zalavar AB, Hungary, 1989


MiG-23MF 'Red 08', 1st Squadron, 47th Fighter Wing, Papa AB, Hungary, mid-1980s

MiG-23MF 'Red 04', 'Stromfeld Aurel' Home Defense Fighter Wing, Papa AB, 1990 (crashed September 16, 1990 at Papa AB 'Open Day', killing pilot Major Károly Soproni)


MiG-23MF 'Red 222 - The Dissident', 1st Squadron, 57th Air Group, Mihail Kogalniceanu AB, Romania 1982


MiG-23MF 'Red 870', 18th IBAP, Dobroslavtzy AB, Bulgaria 1980


MiG-23MF 'Red 117', 28th PLM, Slupsk, Poland, 1989

MiG-23MF 'Red 121', 28th PLM, Slupsk, Poland, 1990

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