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Bombshell 1/48 decals Wicked Women P-38 Lightning Pt 1 - 48-BS-0008

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Bombshell decals in 1/48 scale Wicked Women  P-38 Lightning - 48-BS-0008

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Featuring the following markings:

* ‘Vivacious ‘Virgin II’ P-38 J-15-LO serial number 43-28444.  The machine was assigned to the 9th Air Force’s 402nd Fighter Squadron, 370th Fighter Group and flown by a Lieutenant Ian B. Mackenzie.  The machine is in overall natural metal finish with red trim to the spinner, cowling fronts and wheel covers.  The forward portion of the spinner is painted white whilst the nose is in faded yellow.  Being a European Theatre aircraft it wears ‘D Day’ black and white recognition markings on its tail booms and, as the placement guide states but does not show; the remnants of them on the wings.  The outer surfaces of the vertical stabiliser/rudder sport the solid black circle squadron identification symbol.

* ‘SAN ANTONIO ROSE’ P-38J-15-LO serial number 42-103984.  The machine was assigned to the Pacific Theatre’s 5th Air Force’s 8th Fighter Group 80th Fighter Squadron and flown by Lieutenant Charles B. Ray.  The machine is in overall natural metal finish with green spinners and green and white striped tips to its vertical stabilisers/rudders and around its wings.

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