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Aviattic 1/32 resin LUFT3204 Herman Göring "The Beast of Berlin" by Pizzichemi

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For experienced modelers only. Paint and assembly required -

1/32 scale sculpt by Nino Pizzichemi - LUFT3204 Herman Göring "the Beast of Berlin"


After achieving the command of the baron's elite Jasta and the grudging respect of his men, at the war's end herman has the indignity of being ordered to hand over his 'flying circus' of fokker dvii's to the conquering allies - the only aircraft specifically named as a threat to peace in the terms of the belittling Armistice..
this, of course, he refuses and under fire from startled American troops at the captured aerodrome opens the throttle of the white DVII's BMW engine and within seconds is heading for his homeland with several of his old colleagues close behind...

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