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AOA Decals 1/48 48-010 BATTLE SCOOTERS (3) USN/USMC A-4C, A-4E, & A-4F Skyhawks in Vietnam

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12 Marking Options Included:

VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers - two A-4E options from Chu Lai, South Vietnam betwen 1968-69

VA-36 Roadrunners - one A-4C option from USS Intrepid 1968-69

VA-94 Mighty Shrikes - five options: one A-4C from USS Ranger 1694-65, one A-4E from USS Bon Homme Richard 1968, one A-4E from         USS Bon Homme Richard 1969 (CAG scheme), and two A-4E from USS Bon Homme Richard 1970 (one CAG, one line scheme)

VA-146 Blue Diamonds - one A-4C from USS Constellation 1964-65

VA-155 Silver Foxes - three options: one A-4E from USS Ranger 1964-65, and two A-4F from USS Ranger 1968-69

As usual with AOA releases, an extensive airframe stencil sheet is also included.  Stencils are provided for one A-4; however, the stencil sheet is also available to purchase separately (see 48-004).

Decals also included for VA-36, VA-94, and VA-146 fuel tanks (VA-155 and VMA-211 typically only had plain fuel tanks without any squadron markings/identifiers).

Cover Image Correction: VA-94's 1968 USS Bon Homme Richard is mistakenly omited in the text listing on the cover/title page even though the profile is shown.  The markings are of course included in the decal sheet

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