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AOA Decals 1/32 Bronco Airframe Stencils AOA32005

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AOA Decals 1/32 Bronco Airframe Stencils AOA32005

description and photos from manufacturer's website:

This sheet provides complete OV-10A Bronco airframe stencils for one aircraft in the original Marines and Navy Field Green over Light Gull Grey camouflage scheme, and is also applicable to the overall Light Gull Grey camouflage scheme used by the Navy.

Option to use 1 piece wing walkway decal or separate WALKWAY decals if preference is for painted walkway

 Multiple styles of various common markings provided:
Three variations of PROPELLER
Two variations of DANGER EXHAUST
Three variations of the DANGER ejection seat triangles
Five variations of the NO STEP NO GRIP warnings
Two variations of propeller stenciling (one black, one white)
Two variations of the painted exhaust mask
Three variations of the fuel filler cap markings

 Includes the correct number of fuel tank markings (5) -
 the Kitty Hawk kit represents only the four wing tanks.

In addition to the standard airframe stenciling, the sheet also includes tire slip markings, centerline fuel tank NO STEP stencils, LW-3B ejection seat markings, and full sponson and wing pylon stenciling.


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