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Ammo by Mig/Uschi Trinity Splatter 2 Airbrush Stencils Worn/Distressed Effect #8049

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Airbrush Stencils 2 - These photo-etched stencils will allow you to accurately depict worn and discolored surfaces and represent repainted areas by simply placing the sheet over the desired surface and then airbrushing color at a low air pressure. You can also achieve soft-edge patches by slightly separating the stencil from the surface of the model to paint mottled camouflage patterns. One of the three three sizes included in this set mimics cracks and can be used on the walls or floors of your dioramas. After each use, always clean the paint from the stencil carefully

Set of 3 stencils. 6x6cm / 2x2 inches

Produced by Uschi licensed by Ammo of Mig

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