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Furball Aero Design 1/48 Decals Air Wing All Stars A-6 Intruders Pt 1 FUR48026

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Furball Aero Design: 1/48 decal for colorful "CAG" A-6 Intruders in Naval Service-48-026.

 From the Manufacturer:

48-026 "Airwing All Stars Intruders Part One" covers 10 colorful A-6A/E "CAG" Intruders from 1969-1977. The decals are optimized to work with the new Hobby Boss Intruder kit, although they should be adaptable for use with other kits as well. Enough stencils and data are provided to make 2 complete models. The aircraft depicted on this sheet include:

A-6E 158043 VA-34 USS JOHN F. KENNEDY 1976
A-6A 154125 VA-35 USS ENTERPRISE 1969
A-6A 152942 VA-65 USS INDEPENDENCE 1969
A-6A 154144 VA-95 USS CORAL SEA 1974
A-6E 159574 VA-95 USS CORAL SEA 1977
A-6A 156994 VA-145 USS RANGER 1970
A-6A 152606 VA-145 USS ENTERPRISE 1969
A-6A 155683 VA-145 USS RANGER 1974
A-6E 155660 VA-165 USS CONSTELLATION 1977
A-6E 158533 VA-176 USS AMERICA 1976

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