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New Ware NW200 1/72 Apollo 11 CSM + LM detail set for Dragon kit

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1/72 Apollo CSM + LM detail set - Detail set for Dragon's 1/72 Apollo 11 "Lunar Approach"(cat. no. 11001) or Apollo 11 "Lunar Landing"(cat. no. 11002) kits - 126 parts (35 resin + 91 PE)

This detail set is intended to use together with Dragon's 11001 Apollo 11 Lunar Approach kit. Maybe also used for 11002 Apollo 11 Lunar Landing kit, but only in case, you don't want to place astronauts on the lunar surface ( MESA was deployed by Neil Armstrong immediately after leaving LM cabin).

Photos from Sven Knudson's review: "This kit provides more accurate parts and additional details for the Dragon Apollo 11 "Lunar Approach" kit, providing parts for the CSM and LM. The resin parts are delicately cast, with crisp details and a smooth surface finish and no sign of air holes. All parts are still attached to their pour plugs. The photoetched parts include new antenna dishes for the HGA, thruster panels for the SM, handholds, thruster deflectors for the LM, landing radar shield, docking targets and more. Part numbers are etched next to the parts on the sheets, allowing for easy identification. A diagram of the resin parts in the instructions identifies the parts by numbers and their location on the pour plugs, making for easy identification of the small and delicate parts. Some of the parts are duplicated in both resin and photoetched, so you have a choice as to which to use. The instructions are broken into several steps, detailing where the parts are to be used on the Dragon kit. About the only detail parts not included in the kit are the landing probes, but the instructions show how to make them from a thin wire"

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