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1ManArmy 1/32 Scale 32DET026 - FW 190 D-9 Airbrush paint mask

1ManArmy 1/32 Scale 32DET026 - FW 190 D-9 Airbrush paint mask

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Basic Markings

Several group numbers

32 different instruction stencils

User Manual

Positioning Instructions

  • High definition airbrush stencil masks for airplane models in 1/32 scale. Contains: airbrush paint masks, basic markings, several group numbers, different instruction stencils, user manual, and positioning instructions. Please check product title and images for specific plane markings included in the package.
  • A swift alternative to decals, you can airbrush the marking and stencils using high precision pre-cut masks. A straightforward technique with an instant result and without the need for gloss coats, setting or softening solutions, trimming or cleaning.
  • Paint masks make it possible to obtain an authentic and natural "painted-on" look, without the color discrepancy between the paint and the usually shiny patina of decals. Paint masks are much easier to apply over uneven surfaces, panel lines, rivets or curved parts.
  • Using masks allows weathering, fading and chipping, without the clear carrier film to worry about. Wrinkles, air bubbles, adhesion problems, tearing, silvering and yellowing are no longer a problem.
  • 1ManArmy is a Belgian company specialized in the production of high definition airbrush paint masks for WWII aircraft scale models in 1/32 scale. Their innovative masks allow to airbrush markings, squadron numbers, and the smallest instruction stencils, offering an alternative for the decal carrier film and allowing a true 'painted-on' result.


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