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Arrowhead RR-1311 HO Scale CNW 180000 series ACF 4600 cu.ft. cov. hopper

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Chicago & North Western - CNW 180000 series. American Car & Foundry 4600 cu.ft. cov. hopper


ARR-1311-1: CNW 9-1977 'As Delivered'  #180006

ARR-1311-2: CNW 9-1977 'As Delivered'  #180059

ARR-1311-3: CNW 9-1977 'As Delivered'  #180122

49 individual etched brass parts per car, including: slope sheet braces and stiffners, hopper face plates,  ACF Gravity Pneumatic 5124 sanitary plate guides, hatch clasps, brake wheel mounting plates, air reservoir brackets, brake cylinder mounting plates, slope sheet brace gussets, cross-over walks, running boards and more.

61 individual wire parts per car, including: air lines, release and retaining valve rods, grab irons, roof hatch handles, ACF Gravity Pneumatic 5124 rack and pinion guards and sanitary plate anchors, train lines, brake hangers, pull loops and more. 

5-piece Ellcon-National D-1600-2 hand brake, with separate brake housing, mounting plate, brake wheel, release lever and chain.

“Scale” draft box and details, including: key, shank and full bolt detail. Accurately shaped and located air hose bracket, and outboard brake levers.

 Kadee #156 Whisker Couplers

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