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Railroad Model Craftsman -Issue: June 2022 - East Bluff Terminal

Railroad Model Craftsman -Issue: June 2022 - East Bluff Terminal

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East Bluff Terminalby Joe Visintine — This HO scale terminal railroad is inspired by switching districts around St. Louis and will be open during the NMRA National Convention.

Delaware & Hudson PS-2CD Hopperby James Kinkaid — Part of a fleet of 100 PS-2 covered hoppers built by Pullman-Standard for D&H in 1967; many lasted into the late Guilford era.

Scratchbuild a City Block on a Slopeby Matt Hankins — This scene was inspired by the architecture of Baltimore and the surrounding regions, and was built using various construction techniques.

Three CN Lightweight Geepsby Marc Simpson — Athearn and Proto2000 units form the base for three HO models of Canadian National Geeps built for use on older branch lines.

Mojave Northern Rock Car Build-upby Jim Coady — When a friend needed a small fleet of unique side-dump rock cars, the solution was to combine an old kit with modern 3D-printed parts.

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